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Welcome to SASHA EDWARDS REALTY Where "KEYS" Come True!

I am the right Realtor for you becuase i am Passionate, Considerate, and Straight forward.  I take pride in my job of protecting your rights as my client, and I am hard working, and dedicated to results!

What should you know a bout Real Estate, and How do you get help from a Realtor like Me?

Market Trends:  Many factors determine how you Buy or Sell Real Estate. Realtors can disclose market conditions which govern how you Sell or Buy Real Estate.

Agents are Advocates:  Your Realtor will advocate for your best interest in the transaction of Buying or Selling Real Estate.

Location, Location, Location:  Realtors have access to more information about neighborhoods that interest you.

Buyer Price Opinions:  Realtors do not select prices for real estate, however, can direct you to the professionals that appraise property values.

Experience and Education:  Realtors are required to continue their education on a regular basis to keep up with current market trends and conditions.

Negotiations:  Realtors are skilled at negotiating on behalf of their clients because they are not emotionally attached to the transaction.

Networking:  Realtors are resourceful with professionals in the real estate process such as Lenders, Insurance Agents, Inspectors, and others.

Questions:  Realtor enjoy answering your questions and providing customer service even after the deal closes.

Relationships: Great Realtors sustain their business from referrals of happy clients they have built special relationships with.

You need a Realtor to be your eyes and ears of Real Estate. Leave it to the professionals!


Area Listings

County Subdivision Total
Henry Pembrooke Park 11
Henry Clearwater Pointe 8
Henry Rowland Place 8
Henry Bristol Park 6
Henry Estates at Cameron Manor 6
Henry The Registry 6
Henry City Square 4
Henry Iris Landing 4